I don’t know.  Maybe it is just me, but can someone please explain why they need to go almost 90 mph?  What is the hurry and why is there any reason to go almost 20 mph (70 mph posted limited) with children in the car and potentially endangering their lives,

When I have my kids in the car, I make sure to pay extra attention to speed and my surroundings and I want to make sure they arrive safely.  There is NEVER a rush when my kids are in the car.  Just think, if this is how their mother drives when the kids are in the car, how does she drive when they are not?  Does she not care about the safety and well being?  Knowing their mother drives like this is of grave concern.  Looking at the photos above you can see 18 events and then 21 events.  Events are defined as hard braking or quick acceleration.  It is my guess that there was a lot of braking and accelerating done to reach 88 mph and more than likely not very safe driving.

What do you think?  Should I be worried and concerned?