After being married to the mother of my two children for over 10 years and together over 20 she decided that she wanted a change.  She decided that she wanted a divorce, thus tearing our family apart for her happiness and ability to do what she wants when.  Sometimes being the best husband you can be is not enough.  It is not like I cheated, was abusive or other.  It was that she wanted to go out and have fun and felt that marriage was boring.

Being a single father of two children who has 50% custody of his children (daughter 12 and son 10) I fight different battles every day because of the decisions someone else made for me and my children.  Some of the battles should be fought, while others should have ever even been a thought.  This is the unfortunate part of divorce.  The saddest part of all of it, is that the two children after three years are still trying to adjust, cope and figure themselves out.

As a hands on dad who puts the kids first each and every time, things are not what they seem and “the struggles are real” as they say.

The stories listed are actual events that happen from different points of views.  Some stories may only have one side to them, but in the end there is always three sides to a story; : “His Side” “Her Side” and “The Real Story”.

This site has been designed to share my stories with others and to let other dads know they are not alone in their situation.  There is nothing worse than feeling left out, abandoned or on a remote island in the middle of nowhere because no one understands what you are going through.  I am hoping that by me sharing my events and stories that other fathers will be able to relate and that this site will help them through the dark times and to let them know that things do get better with time.



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