I am beyond frustrated this evening.  The evening before the first day back to school.  The entire evening has been showers and preparing for the first day.  The kids are excited and trying to get everything around that they need.

It wasn’t until around 8:15pm that my daughter realized that her piano bag needed to go to her mother’s.  Earlier in the day she took over her volleyball bag and was trying to be responsible.  She just forgot to take her piano bag; new school year, new routines.

When she called her mom to come and get it, her own mother told her that she needed to be more responsible and should have brought it over earlier if she needed it.  Her own mother began to lecture her on the phone about responsibility, instead of saying ok and coming over to get the bag.  Let me remind those who do not know, my ex lives less than 6 blocks away and less than a 2 minute commute.  There is no reason not to just jump in the car and come and get the bag,  It wasn’t late and it is for your daughter who needed it the next day.

My daughter didn’t want to take it to school as she already had all her new folders, books and such to deal with.  I understand that she has a lot and that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to just come over in less than 5 minutes to grab a bag.  After about 8 minutes of begging and my daughter almost in tears, her mother says “fine” I will come and get it, but I am not getting out of the car.  SERIOUSLY!  Why would you not want to get out of the car and give your daughter and son a hug and kiss.  Why would you not want to get out of the car and wish them good luck on their first day of school.  What kind of mother are you?  Why bother even having kids if you are not going to put their needs first.  I was sick to my stomach and the kids were upset that their mom didn’t and wouldn’t take 10 minutes out of her night for them.  Honestly, I do not blame them one bit for being upset.  I know I would be.

When she came to the house, I ran the bag out to her car because both the of the kids had just gotten out of the shower and didn’t need to be outside.  My ex didn’t say a word, just opened the window and then drove off.  Not even a “tell the kids I love them or wish them good luck tomorrow.”  I guess she has more important things to worry about besides her kids and their feelings.

Why try to be a part of their lives if this is how you are going to treat them.  Why “fake” giving a shit about the kids when you really don’t.  Maybe it is for image or maybe you think it is what is right.  Your actions tonight prove that you are not fit to be a mother and that your own kids do not come first.  It is sad when my own children are counting down the days when they can make a decision to live with me full time.  It is sad that my children have to feel empty inside so that their mother can feel good about herself.  Just walk away if this is how you are going to ask?

Your actions speak louder than words and the kids are old enough to understand the truth.  Only time will tell, but when it does, it will not be fun for any of the parties involved.

What are your thoughts?  Am I being over rational?