Tonight the kids mother asked if she could have the kids for a couple of hours during my week as she wanted them to meet their cousin for the very first time, even though he is 2 years old.  He and his mother were in from Arizona to meet the family.

When their mother asked, my first reaction was of course,  I do not want the kids to miss out on meeting their little cousin.  They may never see him again or it could be another two years before he shows up again.

This evening she picked them up, even though the kids did not want to go.  In fact, I had to bribe them that we would do something special the next night.  For whatever the reason they did not want to go.

They went and I even let the kids stay a little longer to enjoy their time.  It wasn’t until my daughter called me and asked me to come and get them and that they wanted to leave. This really surprised me.

When I picked them up and I went to the door and my daughter was at the door waiting and walked right past me to the car.  My son was standing with his mother and she helped him get his coat on.  While getting his coat on their mother says to them “tell your father thank you for letting you come over”.  Wait!  What?  Why are you telling this to your son in front of me?  Why are you even telling your son this.  I did you a favor and you are the one who should be thanking me, not the kids who didn’t even want to go.

What kind of example are you setting for your kids?  Are you to good to say thank you when someone does something nice for you?  You are not better than anyone else.  By not looking me in the eye and by not saying thank you to me what message are you sending to your children.  Respect starts at the top.  They learn from example.  I made sure to say to her in front of the kids “my son isn’t the one who needs to say thank you, it is you as their mother”.  She just shut the door on my and my son.

I guess next time I need to think twice about doing special things for my ex, but again she knows that I will always do what is best for my kids and takes full advantage of that ALL the time.