Just when things start to make sense and start going your way.  Just when you are getting past all the bullshit from your ex and all the shit she has pulled, you get a whammy and are reminded how much things tend to suck from time to time and that your life really is different, even though you didn’t ask for it or want it to be.

Everyone knows I am a huge football fan and a graduate of Western Michigan University.  I follow and enjoy college football a little more than most, but it doesn’t rule my weekends.  I love the game and the opportunities that it provided for me.

A little background information.  I have a buddy that I met in college and who stood up in my wedding.  We met through my ex and his current wife who was a sorority sister of my ex.  We became what you would expect guys who hung out with and without our other half.  We went on trips, we boated together, and met for lunch, dinner or whatever.  For the past 6-8 years we always got together for Super Bowl, The college football playoffs, The first day and weekend of March Madness.  You name it, we did it when it came to sports.

With that said, at the beginning of the college season we both knew that Western was going to do something special.  Each game we would text and watch the games together and cheer on our Alma mater.  When the Broncos were Rowing The Boat each game closer to a perfect season we said that we would go to see the MAC championship together and if they made a major bowl, that we would go.

Well, the time came for the MAC championship and all we could talk about was going together.  Where the alumni would be tail gating.  Where we were going to eat and hang out after.  We even talked about staying down there.  Then out of the blue, I get the attached text “I wanted to let you know that I can’t go with you to the game on Friday”.  My wife is going with your ex and her friends and I need to drive them.

WTF, are you serious?  You need to drive them?  Are they football fans?  We have been talking about this for 12 weeks and now in a days notice you back out.  Some friend you are.  Thanks for choosing sides when you said you never would.  The one person who stayed neutral until now.  The one person I considered a brother and that I talked to all the time.  Then in one felt swoop his wife cuts off his balls and our friendship at the same time.

The response to his wife if he had any balls would have been “honey, Chris and I have plans already to go to the game and I don;t want to break them.  I will get you a Uber, limo or whatever you need to make sure you are safe, but Chris and I are going.”  That is what I would have said.  I would not have shit on a friend like my buddy did.  Then to follow up, he has the balls to blame it on my divorce.  What a crock of shit.  That was the easy way out.  He was put in a hard position.  Bull Shit!  Maybe one day I will see it from his point of view?  Really?  Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?  Don’t think so.  Not one bit!  You are the one who can’t stand up to your wife and you are the one to choose sides.  No need for me to see it from any side.

OK, I know what you are thinking…I am being harsh and being a dick and that I should just call and forget things.  I asked a few people who knew us both and I asked a few people about the situation in general to make sure I wasn’t being an ass.  Everyone said I was in the right.  What do you think?  Am I just being stubborn?

I can tell you Super Bowl sucked, NCAA college championship sucked and now the NCAA March Madness won’t be the same.  I just all good things have to come to an end.  Just didn’t think it would be a buddy since 1999.  Almost 20 years.  Guess that is a long time to some.  It meant something to me.  Guess to some people like me, friends are valued and respected.  To others, we can be thrown to the side and tossed out when the wives say they can’t go out and play.