If you have not seen this video, you need to watch it about why this guy gets his wife a birthday present.  CLICK HERE to check out the video.

One thing that I can tell you, is that I get it.  I have never stopped getting my ex gifts on her birthday or for Christmas from the kids.  I ask them when the time comes “What Do You Want To Get Mommy For….”.

I have gotten her a TV for her bedroom and many other things.  The most recent was a Pandora bracelet.  My daughter went online, shopped for her mom, picked out exactly what she wanted and asked me if I could get it for her since she did not have any money.  Without hesitation I went and got exactly what my daughter asked and had it wrapped.

On the day of my ex’s birthday, the kids gave her the gift.  They were so excited.  I was excited for them until they both called me crying.  My daughter stated that their mom would not unwrap the gift and told them to take it back and that she did not even want it.  The kids were devastated.  This was the first time they picked out their mom’s gift and she won’t even open it.  Seriously, WTF.  Open the gift, say thank you and then put it in a drawer.

It wasn’t until I sent her an email telling her the story that she finally opened the gift, but to date still have not worn it.

So now, when I ask, the kids say “doesn’t matter mom won’t like it and just argue with us”.  It is so sad.

I still wish my ex a happy mother’s day and a happy birthday.  Why wouldn’t I?  She is the mother of my children and my kids need to see what respect looks like even if they do not see if from other side.

I have tried to show my children what is right on countless occasions.  I have done what is right out of respect for my kids and will continue no matter what her reactions are.  She is the one who will have to answer to her children when they are older.  Until then, I will show my son what and how to treat his mother and show my daughter what love and respect is and how she can expect to be treated and to settle for nothing less.  A gentleman is kind to all.  My son is slowly learning that, along with my daughter.  I need to keep fighting for them, no matter the toll on me or the situation.  Always do what is right for the kids.  Put them first and teach them right.  The guy in the video hit the nail right on the head.  Like him, I can look my kids in the eye and be proud to be their father.